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Campaign Notes | Dungeons and Dragons 5E Journal

Campaign Notes | Dungeons and Dragons 5E Journal

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D&D character journal designed by the designated notetaker for designated notetakers. Step up your D&D game with this meticulously designed notebook for even the most intricate of campaigns. For more information, check out this article.

With its intuitive layout and carefully curated features including inside cover pockets, easy access dry/wet erase pen compatible character information flip outs, quick flip tab dividers and 230 specifically designed D&D pages, this notebook is perfect for capturing all of the details of you and your party's journey. From shops in cities to region specific resources- there will always be a spot to write it down. 

Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or new to the game, Campaign Notes will elevate your gameplay to the next level. So gather your dice and embark on your next adventure armed with this essential tool by your side!


Size: A5 | 230 pages

Dimensions: 9x7x1 inch / 22 x 17 x 2.5 cm


  • Wet Erase Character Stat & Feature Fold Outs
  • Character, Inventory, Spells, Quests and Notes Tab Dividers
  • Character wardrobe
  • Character background
  • Companion pages
  • Party Member slots
  • Allies/Enemies list
  • Organization slots
  • NPC references
  • City slots
  • Region slots
  • Catagorized Item lists
  • Item slots
  • Levels 1-9 Spell lists
  • Spell slot tracker
  • Spell description slots
  • 100x Quest slots
  • 65 pages of gridded notes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Wonderful for solo play

This is a perfect book for keeping track of a character, which helps in both group and solo play. Brought this for my solo game, and it's perfect. Great price, and feels great too!

femke de snaijer

I love it! Makes taking notes and keeping track of things so easy and tidy. Although, I do miss a few things like where to write down your level or class. It's a little sad not all pages are reusable, which in my opinion makes the reusable part redundant, but it's still wonderful and a great tool for a character. Everything and a little more that you need is in the same book and closely accessible.


Campaign Notes | Dungeons and Dragons 5E Journal

Chris Bushell

Campaign Notes | Dungeons and Dragons 5E Journal

Ronin Games
Great product

The 5e Journals are high quality and totally awesome. A must have!